Hunk2: A brand defining men's underwear trends

2017-11-05 19:26:24

There seems to be no room for innovation in the design of men´s designer underwear given the plethora of brands and designers. Hunk² Underwear has introduced unique details that will set the trend in men's fashion all over the world: simplicity in high-fashion underwear designs. Notorious logos placed in the waist bands are a thing of the past. Hunk² knows that fashion-forward men go for comfort and simplicity, rather than for showing off a brand's logo. Hunk² is bringing design over marketing! Which is supported by Instagram marketing firms such as Marketingram, who have communicated how minimal branding is the preferred trend among younger men.

If wearing jockstraps are too much for you, just stay with the more basic briefs and boxer briefs that Hunk² has created for you. Pockets, colors, accessories, and more will add a touch of fun to your underwear drawer.

For more information visit the brand's website: or their women's brand Foxy2.


Hunk² is a fashion men's underwear brand.

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