Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas and Tips

2017-12-15 02:00:06

Having your bachelor party in Vegas is always a great plan. Your friends will have a memorable experience, possibly never to be duplicated. There are so many choices of activities, the hardest task is picking one of the best Las Vegas bachelor party packages that fits your group's tastes.

Here are some Las Vegas bachelor party ideas to consider.


Pick the right party hotel

There are Las Vegas Hotels known for their round-the-clock parties. If this appeals to you, consider booking rooms in one of these party till-you- drop hotels.


Pick the best time to go

Do you want Vegas to be booming with tourists? Or, do you prefer a little more space? Holidays are the busiest times in Vegas. The city calms down a bit in between these super busy times. Also, if you're planning lots of outdoor activities, fall or winter may be the best choice for your memorable bachelor party excursion.


Decide what to do when you're not celebrating,

Plan adventures, tours and activities: Shooting ranges, helicopter tours, ground tours and Vegas pool parties are always popular features of the best Vegas bachelor party packages.


Arrange a schedule that keeps the group active,

Attending shows or adult entertainment establishments: Plan your bachelor party in Vegas with a full schedule of events that keep your group actively entertained. Vegas offers full menus of activities, from catching prominent entertainers to all forms of adult entertainment.


Have great food,

Along with your drinking and partying be sure to enjoy the fabulous Vegas food while (or in-between) your carousing and partying.


Decide if you'd rather mingle with other tourists or locals at bars and clubs:

Some bars and clubs cater to Vegas visitors, while others are watering holes for residents. The choice of drinking venues is all yours.


Consider reserving Vegas bottle service

Always include some form of transportation, like a limo or party bus: In all cases, get a driver that knows Vegas and remains sober. Booking a Las Vegas bottle service reservation allows your group to bypass waiting lines and cover charges at the best clubs.


Plan your late night activities to keep rockin' and rollin' into the early morning

Unless your group is mostly tee-totalers, your bachelor party will extend well into the night, until midnight and well beyond. If you want to party all night, that's possible with a number of noteworthy after-hours parties that often continue until mid-morning.


These are but a sample of popular Vegas bachelor party ideas. If you want something even more memorable, you can customize your bachelor party in Vegas to include the specific excitement you want.

Experience all there is on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Enjoy a Las Vegas Bachelor Party Planning at your own pace, from sightseeing tours via helicopter and more.

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