Which Means Of Grief In Longman Dictionary Of Contemporary English

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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgriefgrief /ɡriːf/ ●●○ noun1[uncountable]Unhappy/Unhappy extreme sadness, especially as a result of somebody you love has diedgrief over/atThe grief she felt over Helen’s death was virtually unbearable.with griefCharles was overcome with grief.2[countable]Sad/Sad one thing that makes you feel extremely sadEvery change in our lives brings with it griefs.Three → good grief!4 → come to grief5 → give somebody grief6[uncountable] informal trouble or problemsYou’ll save your self plenty of grief for those who check the measurements first.Examples from the Corpus
grief• This can only result in grief for what do we really know about ourselves or some one else?• The oil triggered enough grief in Scapa Stream at the time.• She'd thought it was Anna, snuffling in her Romaniancommunities.Com sleep or from grief.• We did not say a lot, but his grief was obvious.• Whatever pangs of grief and guilt and disgrace Emilia might undergo had remained locked inside her, an unapproachable wound.•Tomorrow, he decided, he must press her to a full disclosure of the grief harboured in her coronary heart.• It's his own thoughts's way of coping with the grief, and he is aware of it.• Hundreds of people despatched floral tributes as an expression of their grief.• When my youngster died I might have given technique to grief as I liked him very much.• All the boy knew in that circumstance was grief and fear and shock and rage.• He was overcome with grief when his spouse died.grief over/at•Acute grief on the death of 1 mum or dad may inhibit a household for caring for the surviving spouse.• He neither showed nor expressed any grief at this regrettable development.• And when you gave them any grief in any respect, they stated they might just kick her out.• Her grief at his death was deep and sincere.• Let's consider multiple grief over time first.• Has there been an outpouring of grief at the horrific way they died?• This is often far from the case and plenty of a combination has come to grief at the very last fence.

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